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Employee Self Service (ESS)

The Employee Self Service function gives staff the ability to access personal information such as an online pay slip and leave accruals directly through a secure online portal. Staff can also be given the ability to change certain information such as afterhours contact details or addresses freeing payroll staff from the burden of such changes.

By using a central database of employee information, you can streamline time consuming and paper based systems into efficient and web based workflows - relieving key staff of administration so they can focus on more strategic tasks. Employers have access to employee contact information anytime anywhere.

  • Add and edit next of kin details.
  • Employees can change bank details, address and update contact details online.
  • View and print payslips and payment summaries.
  • View leave balances.
  • Can assign business assets such as laptops and other company valuables to employee codes.
  • Online Pay Slip - fully compliant.
  • Online Payment Summary saving time to distribute.
  • Better for the environment! With the ePayroll paperless system.
  • Improved accuracy of employee data.
  • Save time distributing payslips to employees.
  • Eliminate the need to provide payment statements when employees apply for loans.
  • Empower employees to manage their own bank account details.
  • Ensure that you always have access to employee contact details no matter where you are.
  • Conveniently review their personal information.
  • Reduce process lead times for specific tasks.
  • Employees become empowered in the decision making.
  • Ensure constant and consistent internal procedures.
  • Asset management is improved.
  • Managers have an audit trail of all leave applications.
  • Expense applications can be managed through the same workflow.

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